Why do my lips crack when I wear lipstick?

The reasons why lips crack from lipstick are that it contains heavy metals, petrochemicals, and many other dangerous ingredients. They will do something to your lips and health. I can find many times that my lips crack when I wear lipsticks.

This normally happens. Especially, during the winter season, chapped lips are unstoppable. However, to deal with this situation and still wear lipstick, there are some common steps to be followed.

In this article, we will find out the steps to be followed to get rid of chapped lips and wear lipstick with chapped lips

Steps to get rid of chapped lips

lips crackScrub or Exfoliate

This is one of the most important and the most forgotten step. It is common to see girls and women exfoliating their skin. But it’s extremely rare to see women and girls exfoliating this lips.

It is important to understand that the lips are very delicate than the skin and needs special care.

There are many products available to exfoliate your lips. However, use the common kitchen items for greater benefits.

The most famous lip scrub includes ground coffee powder and coconut oil. You have run it in circular motions to get rid of dead cells on the lips. Do it for 2 -3 minutes.

Moisturize and Primer

As you have been rough to your lips all this time, it is very important to your lip. So shower it with moisturizer and Primer. You can find your lip be free from disturbing chaps and you can easily recognize the cracks and full it with moisturizer and then the prime.

As a moisturizer, you can choose coconut oil. It has amazing healing powers. Now use a primer upon it. It can be an exclusive lip primer or even a regular face primer can work decently. This routine will make the lips smooth and hold the color in place.

Lip liner

If you are a beginner, you can use it or else you can skip the lip liner. Using a Lip liner can keep the color of the lip from fading. It will help greatly in holding the lipstick on.

If you want fuller lips, you can try it out as lip liners promise fuller lips. It will enhance your lipstick as well. If any of these is missing without a Lip liner never hesitate to use it.


Now apply the lipstick of your favorite color. You can apply it straightly from the holder, or use a brush or finger. It wholly depends upon your comfort level. I am never going to forget all these steps when my lips crack when I wear lipsticks.