Is primer bad for your skin?

When it comes to looking for the perfect day, then you have to use those products which will hide your pores and leaves your complexion.

The usage of silicon-based primers is the first step in the makeup process. The common question arises that Primer is bad for your skin? To find the answer to this question, read the following content.

Whether silicon primer is toxic to your skin?

Many experts told that silicon is normally toxic to the skin and completely stable. The experts are told that there is a disadvantage of primer for your skin due to its silky and plastic-like texture.

So they concluded that silicon is having toxic material to skin. Silicon is a silky and plastic-like texture, which is for the reason of usage of silicon primer for your skin.

primer is toxic

Seals your pore

Silicon lies on the top of your pores which is not capable of penetrating layers. As a result of it, the moisture content will not able to enter into the skin. The potential benefits that are obtained from skincare products are blocked from entering the skin.

skinStay of dirt and Sebum

While using this primer for your skin nothing can be entering into your skin and nothing can get out from your skin. All the dirt and sebum will stay on the pores and will lead to inflammation or even triggering acne breakouts.

Lead to enlargement of pores

While using the silicon-based primer mask for your face, then it may have appearances of large pores. If it regularly used, then the pore size is increased. If impurities are failed to escape from the pores, then these enlarged pores will be stretch out in size.

The Bottom Lines

People are asking for cons of primer for your skin. Due to its silky and plastic-like texture, it is recommended not to use primer for your skin.