Is it good to put toothpaste on your lips?

We know that lips get chapped. We always think of the remedies and start doing it religiously. But how many of us think about the cause.

What is causing chapped lips even after you consistently exfoliate and moisturize your lips? Indeed, chapped lips are also caused by the winter weather. If so, why are so lips are still chapped in the summer season? Do you know the most important cause of the chapped lips?

It is toothpaste. It is this that makes your lips chapped every other day. This happens when you use toothpaste on your teeth. Think about what the cause would be if it is directly put on the lips.

Many DIYs are flooding the internet as videos and blog posts recommending the use of toothpaste on your lip. Never do it!  It is not good to put toothpaste on your lips.


The ingredient called sodium Laureth sulfate in toothpaste is the actual enemy for your lips. If you see this in your paste, kindly do not use it.

Sometimes, toothpaste can even cause allergies, painful canker sores, cracking at the corners of the mouth, gum irritation and even stomach upset.

You would have been shocked to see the effects of toothpaste. It is also wrong to believe all the DIYs on the Internet. There are no true benefits of putting toothpaste on your lips

How to stop this?

Do you still believe that there are many advantages of putting toothpaste on your lips? If you want to have healthy lips, teeth, and gum, you have to try changing and experimenting with other toothpaste. Patiently sit and find out which paste works for you without any trouble.

That is the toothpaste, which does not have sodium Laureth sulfate in their label. Still, do not stop checking. Make sure you change brands, once you find it uncomfortable. Never forget to heal your mouth by using natural remedies.

lipsYou have to do this religiously

  • Please do exfoliate then and there
  • Apply primer
  • Remove lipstick every night before you sleep
  • Look for lipsticks that are mild