Can vinegar remove lipstick stains from cloth?

The darker lipstick will be having a beautiful look on your lips, but it is flattering when it ends up on your cloth. The common thought says that vinegar remove lipsticks stain from cloth.

It may be simple to get the lipstick stain on the cloth but it is challenging to remove the stain from the cloth. The common thought is having proof in this article. So make use of this article to remove lipstick stains from cloth with the help of vinegar.

Initial steps for removing the stains

Before doing any action to remove the lipstick stain, you have to identify the cloth type. In the case of fabric, make sure that you are going to cause any problem to the cloth with the cleaning products.

The lipstick sinking can be further avoided by treating the stain as soon as possible.

lipstick stains

Ways for removing the lipstick stain from cloth

There are several ways are available to remove the lipstick stain from the cloth. One of the best ways is to get lipstick out of clothes with vinegar.

Lipsticks are normally made of natural oils, petroleum-based chemicals, and dyes. These combinations are making lipstick to get harder in the clothes than the other stains.

Vinegar as a Lipstick stain removal

The lipstick stain removal with the help of the vinegar is a challenging task. The ways to remove lipstick stains with vinegar are done in the home itself. In addition to vinegar, the dish soap is used.

The dish soap is used for removing the oil content from the stain and the vinegar will clean and disinfect the area. While using this method, make sure that the cloth doesn’t losses its color. The vinegar will also remove the juice stains.

Final thoughts

It is proved that the lipstick stains can be removed with the help of vinegar. If you are going to use this method, then make sure that the cleaning products should not cause any damage to the cloths.