What causes pilling on the face?

Product pilling is one of the less spoken Beauty problems. If you are someone who is using skincare or beauty products, you would have experienced product pilling.

What is product pilling?

It is annoying when it occurs. It is most annoying when it is pilling on the face. The product that you use will start taking the form of a small ball after a few hours of the application of the product.

It might also occur, soon after the application of the product as well. When you touch your face, you can take those balls in your hand.

Causes of product pilling

  • When you apply a thick layer of foundation or moisturizer pilling is common.
  • This also happens when you use a product in the wrong manner. Before you use a product, read the instructions on how to use and apply it.
  • If you skip anything in your skincare routine, product pilling is possible.

Which product will pill?

The ingredients of the product are also one of the causes of pilling. Silicone products are not effectively absorbed by the skin. If any product of your skincare is pilling, check the ingredients of the product.

Do change it even when you can’t eliminate it with the above-discussed steps.

pilling face


How to stop this?

  • Do not apply the foundation of moisturizer heavily. This will not only lead to pilling skin but also clogging of pores and acne.
  • Know the method of application. If you are using it for the first time, get some help. It may be from a professional or from someone who has used the product already.
  • Maintain a perfect skincare routine. Clean your face before your makeup and do clean it before going to sleep. All these can stop product pilling to a great extent.
  • Look for organic products and use them.
  • Apply products in the order of the viscosity. Some products are water-based and some products are oil-based. So take the water ones first and go with the oil-based products.